Novák fails to comment on Gruevski asylum

President Katalin Novák failed to comment Monday the asylum granted by Hungary to former prime minister Nikola Gruevski.

President Novák told a joint press conference with host Stevo Pendarovski this is an issue for the Hungarian judicial authorities and expressed satisfaction that the matter has not affected the good bilateral cooperation.

“On Gruevski, let me say this is in the jurisdiction of our judiciary. I am pleased to see during this visit that our mutual cooperation at state level is successfully developing and will continue to develop, and no criminal matter has affected them,” Novák told reporters. 

Back in 2016, former PM Gruevski escaped to Hungary and received asylum through an expedited procedure. North Macedonia has sought his extradition in order to serve a two-year prison sentence in the “Tank” case as well as for the April 27 Parliament events. Hungary has rejected these requests.

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