Bekteshi: Minimum wage could rise in March, as well as salaries of administration employees

Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi said Tuesday that next month, the minimum wage will probably rise to around Mden 20,500 in the private and public sectors, adding that those funds are provided for in the 2023 Budget. But in order to have equality, salaries in state administration should also be linearly increased by Mden 2,000, funds that are provided for in all institutions. 

If a legal solution is to be adopted for this, Bekteshi is convinced that all political parties will provide support.

According to Bekteshi, the Ministry of Finance has made all necessary calculations and is ready to implement the increase of the minimum wage and the salary of administration employees.

“We have introduced a legal solution on setting the minimum wage. The methodology is fully aligned with trade unions and institutions. Given the increase in the minimum wage, I expect that the increase will be over Mden 2,000 linearly for each category in the state administration. If someone opposes an increase in wages, I think it would be a big mistake, and if a legal solution is to be brought, most likely all political parties will support it. We should do all we can to increase salaries, taking into account inflation and the expectations of the citizens, and we will act in that direction as a Government. Minister Besimi said that all projections and calculations have been made, he announced that,” Bekteshi told reporters. 

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