Bytyqi: Minimal wage, public sector salaries to rise in March

The minimal and average wage will increase in line with inflation, according to the methodology already agreed on in social dialogue with employers and unions, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi said in a TV 24 appearance on Monday evening.

“There will be no more bargaining between unions and employers. We have developed a methodology together. The increase will be based on the cost of living – that is, on inflation and the average salary increase,” Bytyqi said, adding that all concerned parties the government had held talks with were supportive of the solution.

He said the minimum wage would be raised in March and public sector salaries would be adjusted to reflect this.

“In March, public sector salaries will be linearly increased by the same amount the minimum wage has been raised. In line with the Law on Administrative Officers, everyone will be covered,” Bytyqi said, pointing out that there was money earmarked in the national budget for wage increases. 

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